A Word about ‘Time Traveler’s Diary’

First, to anyone happening to stumble into my corner of the blogosphere, I wish you happy holidays and New Year!

If you happen to spend a few moments browsing around A Time Traveler’s Diary, you’ll notice it’s a bit different than most blogs in that it’s a long-running story, blending from one post to another.  For this to ‘work,’ I needed it to run entries chronologically, so some manipulation in post-dating new posts is needed. 

I’ve always been interested in stories containing time travel or parallel universe elements, whether it’s film (e.g., Somewhere in Time, Back to the Future) or novel (e.g., Timeline, Time and Again, Dark Matter) or television (e.g., Lost, Outlander)  In this blog-novel A Time Traveler’s Diary, I’m not so much interested in hard sci-fi, as I am in telling the story of time-traveler Donovan Galloway and the human emotions that an everyday Joe would feel if thrust into such a spectacular journey.  

While I have a loose idea of the main storyline, even I’m not entirely sure where this all leads for ‘Donovan.’  Although I anticipate his journey will generally cover a 4-5 year period from the late 1940s through early 1950s.  At the time of this posting, we are about three months into Donovan’s journey in the past, him being a patient at a Michigan mental asylum and coming to terms with this all not being an elaborate dream.  

Anyhow, thank you again for stopping by.  


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